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Medical2Move is a truly global specialist courier for healthcare related time critical and temperature sensitive shipments. It is the NR 1 choice for Clinical Trial Project Managers, logistics consultants and healthcare professionals, offering them solutions for time critical and temperature sensitive shipments for pre-clinical trials and phase I – IV clinical trial material.

Shipment Specialists

Value Added Services

QualifiedPackaging | Dry Ice Supply and Replenishment | Proactive Shipment Monitoring | Bulk Temperature Controlled Containers | Dangerous Goods Management

Temperature ranges


Our core-business is transportation by road. This is inside Europe the most practical way. For most times it’s also faster as airfreight. We can if required also deliver validated packaging material supply.For larger volumes of C/NC drugs or other products we use conditioned vans.For an optimal monitoring and tracking this is the best option. The temperature can be closely monitored and if problems arise can be quickly acted. We have everything in handa nd are independent of externa lfactorss uch as departure and arrival times, flightschedules, last mile transports at the destination. Waiting times at customs clearance, or with any quarantine.

Customs formalities (only outside the E.U.)

Ours eparate department responsible for the complete handling of customs formalities. This is required when an episode needs to be done outside the EU (eg Switzerland).We request the necessary documents and provide if required to export and import into the country of destination.

On board courier:

It is perfect possible to our driver shipping the package to the airport, fly to the destination and deliver it personally.

Worldwide airfeight:

Validated packaging, temperature monitoring by a datalogger (tag) shipping around the World.

Realtime monitoring of our temperature controlled warehouse :
Frozen -21,8 °C  |   Refrigerated 4,9 °C  |   Controlled ambiënt 21,0 °C